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The Only 3 Elements To Focus On As An Engineer & Start Making More Money In Months

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…One of the things that make great engineer is the ability to: Streamline processes to get maximum output with minimal effort and time.
And this is something you can apply directly in your career—no matter which industry you are in—and reap great rewards.

I call this the concept of MINIMUM EFFORTS For GREAT RESULTS.And by the way, it’s not a new concept. It goes back to Henry Ford and Assembly Line.


Turns out there a few concepts from the 1840’s you can duplicate now, and not only make more money, but also advance your career.

Not familiar with Henry Ford and Assembly Line? 

Don’t worry! Because that’s not important for now, and you don't need to, to understand and apply what I’m about to show you right now, so you can start making more money.

What is important to understand now is this: The better you get at the Concept of Minimum Efforts for Great Results, the GREATER the RESULTS you get from your daily efforts.
…The more EFFECTIVE you become (Note: effective is not the same as efficient, and engineers goal is to become effective first, then efficient).


So, let me explain it…

Process Streamlining is looking at something you want to do, then, being able to IDENTIFY the CORE ELEMENTS that MATTER in delivering the results you want. Then, ALIGNING those CORE ELEMENTS in a way that MAKES THEM WORK together SEAMLESSLY to deliver the HIGHEST RESULTS in the SHORTEST TIME POSSIBLE, with the LEAST AMOUNT OF EFFORT POSSIBLE.


But notice the 5 key things here….
•    Identify Core Elements
•    Align them to Work Seamlessly
•    Produce Highest Results
•    Use the Shortest Time Possible
•    Apply the Least Amount of Effort

This process includes ELIMINATION, as opposed to ADDITION.
Elimination of the unnecessarily ELEMENTS—or least important elements
Elimination of TIME—so you get results in less time
Elimination of EFFORT—so you apply minimal effort

And this is what makes not only a great engineer, but it’s what makes engineering one of the most interesting fields to work in—unlike other fields.
It changes the way you approach almost everything—in life and career. 


Here’s an example:
While others are thinking: “I need X and Y to achieve Z-results” …and feel helpless when they cannot get X or Y 

...Great engineers are trained to ask themselves: “How can I ELIMINATE the NEED for X or Y (or possibly both), and achieve 2 times Z-results”? 
And they always find a way!

They’re trained in critical thinking, as opposed to merely using their memory!


But what if you—as an engineer or not—could use this Engineer’s Approach to Make More Money, and even advance your career this year?

First, is it possible?
Answer: Yes, it is.
Second, if it’s possible, why aren’t most people using it? And how can you use it to your advantage this year?

Well, this is exactly what I’ll be showing you, so you can implement it right away, and get the highest best results (MORE MONEY and CAREER GROWTH), in the shortest time possible, with the least amount of effort.
And you don’t have to be an engineer to do this!

So, let’s dive in…

How To Use Engineer’s Approach to Make More Money and Advance your Career This year
First, while there are a lot of elements (ways) to making more money and advancing your career, not all of them are worthy trying.
It’s important to grasp that, because it gives you permission to eliminate some UNPRODUCTIVE THINGS you’ve been doing, thinking or in hope that they’ll make a difference in your career, or help you make more money.

NOT all of them take the same AMOUNT OF EFFORT—most can be very frustrating, with very minimal results.
NOT all of them take the same AMOUNT OF TIME—some take long time, and the results aren’t guaranteed.
NOT all of them PRODUCE GREAT RESULTS, even when you’ve succeeded in them. The time, money, and effort spend, in comparison to the results produced ISN’T WORTHY IT!

Unfortunately, no one shows us which ELEMENTS MATTER (the ones we need to focus on) when it comes to our careers and making more money. And which ones are not worth trying (the ones we need to eliminate).

Most of what we are taught doesn’t work, or take too much to implement, or produce dismal results!

I’ll not dwell on what most people talk about--when it comes to advancing your career or making more money. No!
Instead, I’ll show you only 3 elements you need to focus on, to make more money and advance your career this year. And if you are proactive and ambitious enough, you can start to see the changes after a few months of implementation.

These are things you and I can implement right away.
They’re things you and I have control over, and aren’t frustrating or foggy. They’re clear, simple to implement.

You can learn them today. Implement them in a few months, and start making positive change in your earning.

Even more interestingly, you don’t need to implement the 3 of them. All you need is implement 2 of them, and the 3rd one automatically falls into place.
(Note: The 3rd one is a by-product of the first 2!)

When it comes to making more money or advancing your career their certain things that matter—without them, our efforts wouldn’t really matter.


And when you know, what THOSE ELEMENTS ARE, and then MASTER THEM, you can SAFELY IGNORE what everybody else tells you…and grow your career, or side-business, and make more money.


And my goal here is to help you: 

  • Identify what those FEW ELEMENTS are, 
  • ALIGN THEM so they work SEAMLESSLY 
  • Show you how to implement them to get the highest results, with the shortest time and least amount of effort.

So, here are…

The 3 CORE-ELEMENTS To Earning More Money And Advancing Your Career
Growing your career and/ or making more money boils down to these 3 Elements:
  • Developing an IMPORTANT SKILL (not necessarily rare); and knowing how to apply it extremely well to your advantage. Example: Writing great CV that land you job interviews, learning how to interview like a pro and land great jobs. If you’re looking for great job, you need this.
  • Developing a RARE SKILL in your field and being great at it. Example: if you’re an engineer in Civil, Electrical, Building & Construction or Architecture, Mastering ArchiCAD is a ticket to earning more money, and growing your career or side-business. Works for both getting a great job and starting side-business.
  • Serendipity/Luck: Yes, I like being real. And so, I’m not the kind of people who will tell you: “Learn this ONE SKILL and tomorrow you’ll be making a ton of money, your career will grow instantly”. Because that’s not true! When it comes to making more money/advancing your career, there’s always some element of serendipity involved.
But here’s the thing: If you lack the # 1 and/or 2 above, luck will almost never find you. So, don’t waste your time on this last one.
Instead, develop # 1 and #2 above, and the last one will find you. (Note: Luck is when an opportunity meets you prepared—and that preparation comes by developing the first 2 elements.)


Interestingly, some of you reading this already have number 3 in place. How?
Well, if you already have a job with potential for growth, all you need is develop rare skills required for the next position, then show your boss you have what it takes to deliver and land the nest position.


“But how do I do that?” you’d ask. 
Well, last year, I wrote an entire book on how you can turn your career around in just a few months. In this book, I show you unconventional techniques and strategies to:
  •  Land job interviews 
  • Win job interviews 
  • Get promotions and salary raise
And while I wrote the book last year, the tactics, techniques and strategies in this book are timeless, and you can apply them for the rest of your career life and get ahead in your career.

The favorite part? I’m giving it to you absolutely for free.

When you’re done reading this post, come back and Click here to access: YOUR CAREER TAKE OFF SYSTEM EBook 


Ok, to cap this, let me give you…

The 2 Key Mistakes Most Professionals Make When Developing the Above Elements 
I’ve spend over 5 years helping hundreds of professionals--not counting over 1000 graduates and undergraduates students—develop the above 2 elements.
But here are 2 Key Mistakes I’ve observed—both professionals and students make--when it comes developing the above 2 elements:

  • Focusing on wrong skills: Most people focus on the wrong skills. They spend a ton of time, money and efforts developing those skills, only to realize later that it wasn’t that important for their market skills. And that it didn’t make any difference. That it was a waste of time, effort and money!

  • Inability to clearly articulate the value of their rare skills, even though they have them: They do have the Rare & Valuable skill. But aren’t able to clearly articulate the value of those skills for the market. For instance, in their CVs, and Job Interviews. And because of that, they aren’t able to land great jobs when the opportunity (serendipity) presents itself. Truth is, having the rare skill is not enough. Learning how to articulate its value to your client (boss if you’re employed or customers if you’re running side/full-time business) is what will get you to reap its benefit.

And just like I WROTE HERE, we are all into business—whether employed or running business.

If you are unable to communicate your value to your customer, whether that is in a CV, job interview, or face-to-face with customers, then they’ll not be willing to work with you or pay you more, if they’re already working with you.


To eliminate the above 2 Key Mistakes, and start making more money this year—whether it’s with side-business or getting higher salary at your work place, here are the 3 things you need to do:
  • Research to UNDERSTAND the RARE SKILLS for your market: Before you waste time, money and effort, developing any skill; research your job market to find out what kind of rare skill your market is looking for, otherwise adding “NEW SKILLS” doesn’t really help. (Click HERE to see WHY MORE SKILLS/EDUCATION is not the solution)
  • Go for the RARE SKILL with SWEET-SPOT where possible: There are certain rare skills that have what I call Sweet-Spot. These are the skills that allow you work both for your employer (if you’re employed or choose to be employed), and for yourself (if you choose to employ yourself or run a side-business). It means you can use this skill to add more value to your employer and get paid well for it. Or/and you can use the same skill to either run a side-business while keeping your full-time job, or just quit your job a go full-time business using the same skill. Finding the SWEET-SPOT skill is what enables you to double or triple your income with almost the same amount of time effort. (I wrote about how you can do all that HERE—you can click here to read it)
  • Learn how to ARTICULATE YOUR VALUE: when you’ve done all the above, the last thing to BULLET-PROOF your making/earning more money is to master how to communicate your value. If you can show your boss how your skills are/would be offering them more value—in your CVs and Job interview—they’d be glad to offer you the job, salary raise, promotion etc. (I’ve shown my readers and students how you can do that HERE—click here to learn how). And if you can show your customers how your services/products are offering them more value, they’d be willing to pay you more money for it.

It’s all possible to start earning/making more money this year. And I’ve just show you how—including the 2 key mistakes to avoid.

We’ve seen how it boils down to only 3 elements. And I have given you links to my best materials on how to get good at 1st, and even 2nd element. Plus, a link into How to apply your rare Skill to make more money


But if you are professional engineer—or student--in Civil, Architectural, Building & Construction, and electrical--I developed one of the courses that’d help you with element 2 (developing a rare skill that pays you more money)


I developed this course based deep-market research (Yes, I do what I preach), to make sure the skills you’ll develop from this course lies under SWEET-SPOT RARE SKILLS.
And this is the ArchiCAD Training Course Program.

This course gives you the rare Architectural Design skills that enable you to earn more money on the side—as you keep your full-time job.

Or get higher pay at your current job as an employee; because it’ll render you with rare valuable skills your employer would be willing to pay you more for.


I packaged Mini-Training Course, so you can check it out for yourself. And it’s absolutely FREE!

Click ๐Ÿ‘‰ 1-WEEK ArchiCAD Training Course Program.

In the 1-WEEK ARCHICAD TRAINING COURSE, you’ll get Video Lessons from me, where I walk you through everything you need to develop keys skill for Designing Floor-plans.  When you join the course by clicking the link above, we kick the lessons the following day.

Click here for INSTANT ACCESS to the FREE COURSE.


Plus, here’s your link to access: YOUR CAREER TAKE OFF SYSTEM,…my FREE EBook where I show you:

  • How to Writing Compelling CV that land You Job interviews 
  • How Dominate Job Interviews 
  • How to Negotiate Your Salary and Get Paid More 
  • How To get Promotions in months 
  • Even how to switch industries 
  • Plus much more powerful tactics, techniques and strategies for ambitious professionals

And it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE for you--for being one of my readers!

If this post--and the wealth of resources I have included in it—insightful, share it with your friends on social media. Together we can make what seems almost impossible possible this year!

Counter-intuitive Way To Earn More Money As An Engineer

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Image Credit:Rudyanto Wijaya!

...The one thing every one of us agree on is: WE ALL WANT TO EARN MORE MONEY…whether that is at your job (as an employee), or at your side-business, or at your full-time business.

And almost all of us can agree that, this is WHY WE work!

It is WHY YOU went for that job. It is WHY YOU started that side-business—keeping your full-time job. It is WHY YOU left that job, and went full-time on your business.

But here’s the thing: while there are a lot of theories (intellectual knowledge) on how you can earn more money—whether that is by getting salary increase at your work-place or running a business—when it gets into actual implementation of those theories, most of us get stuck.
And if you’re an engineer, for some reason, this can be even more challenging!

(Note: As engineers, we tend to be more practical, and want a more direct path to where we want to go!)

Yes, we want to be able to eliminate the never-ending theories on how to get things done—whether that is earning more money, or solving a problem at hand—and get a direct practical path to fixing it, so we can move on.

We have the least patience, when it comes to dealing with theories. We want practical.

Now, if you are an engineer reading this, I’ll show you a more direct path—down the line--to earning more money. Whether you’re employed or working for yourself.

I’ll give you 3 PRACTICAL STEPS to cutting through the theories, so you can start earning more money right away, in the next few months.

But this is not just for engineers (though I write for engineers). Anybody in any field can implement the 3 PRACTICAL STEPS I’m about to reveal to you, and start earning more money—this year.
So, even if you’re not an engineer, and want to earn more money this year, keep reading. Because I’ll show you how, in just 3 steps—which anybody can implement (even if you are currently a student).

So, let’s get started…

Step 1: Understand That to EARN MORE MONEY You Need To OFFER MORE VALUE

Our earning is directly proportional to the VALUE WE OFFER others--whether that is your employer or customers in your business.

By the way, take note of this: WE ARE ALL IN BUSINESS—whether we are employed or running side/ full time business.

This is a very important MIND-SHIFT to embrace for you to start EARNING MORE MONEY.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a student, employed professional or are running your own business.

Embrace this MINDSET, and you’ve done over 50% of the work, to earning more money. Ignore it, and you’re setting yourself up for a frustrating path to earning more money!

So, let me explain this…

If you’re employed professional engineer, you’re in business, and your employer is your client/customer.

If you’re running side-business while keeping your full-time job, you into 2 types of businesses--and have 2 types of clients/customers.

The first type of customer is your employer.  And the second type of client/customer is the customers for your side-business.

If you’re running your own full-time business, then it’s obvious that the people your business serves are your customers.

Notice that, to be able to implement what I’m about to show you, and start EARNING MORE MONEY—embracing this MIND-SHIFT is important.

Without realizing WE ARE ALL IN BUSINESS—whether employed or self-employed—and understanding who your clients/customers are, it’d be hard to start EARNING MORE MONEY as faster as we’d like to.
But once you embrace this MIND-SHIFT (and stop looking at yourself as an employee—if you’re employed), implementing what I’ll show will be much easier, and you’ll be able to EARN MORE sooner.

So, back to our first step to earning more money: our earning is directly proportional to the value we offer—our clients (whether that is your boss/company or the customers in your business serve).

Now, what that means is: If you could OFFER MORE VALUE to your clients (than you’re currently offering), you can EARN MORE MONEY.

It also means: it’d be HARD to EARN MORE MONEY than you’re currently earning, if you KEEP OFFERING THE SAME VALUE, you’ve been offering.


It’s a simple formula that cannot be disputed. And you don’t need an MBA to implement it.

“But Eric” you’d say, “how can I IMPROVE MY VALUE OFFERING? What’s that value?”

Now, as an engineer, there is MULTIPLE WAYS you can improve your value; then use that to earn more money (I’ll show you ONE SPECIFIC WAY to do that in step # 3).

And there is MORE THAN ONE WAY to discover what your VALUE is effortlessly, so you can set yourself up to earning more (I’ll show you 2 ways to do that in step # 2).
None of these are complex--as you might start to think. They are all direct, but counterintuitive, yet practical.

So, let’s get to step # 2, where we’ll deconstruct what value is, and how you can discover it for yourself, so you can position yourself to earn more money—whether employed or in business.

Step 2: Realize What Your Clients/Customers Considers “Valuable” to Them
Remember we are all in business, whether employed or running business. And I’ve shown you who your clients/customers are, and the mind-shift you need to embrace to get yourself into the path of earning more money.
Now the second step to earning more is: knowing what your customers considers valuable to them.

You may think you’re offering value to your customers (your boss/company or your business clients) by doing what you do.  And you’re right.

But if you want to earn more than you’re currently earning, there are high chances what you’re currently offering may not get you to do that, unless you offer more.
Here’s a very important MIND-SHIFT: VALUE is determined by your CLIENT/CUSTOMER’S POINT OF VIEW. Not yours.

Here’s what I mean: If what you’re offering now doesn’t seem that valuable to your customers, no matter how you may think it is, they’d not be willing to PAY YOU MORE FOR IT.

Most of us have wrong concept of what VALUE is. And because of that—oftentimes--we get frustrated, and feel we are not getting better compensation for our work—even though we are delivering.

But more often than not, when you dig deeper, you’ll realize the problem is: we are measuring the VALUE of what we are delivering from OUR OWN POINT OF VIEW, as opposed to CLIENT/CUSTOMER’S POINT OF VIEW.

It’s not delivering that really matters. It’s how VALUABLE it is, that which we deliver.

We can deliver a lot, but if the customer does not view/perceive what we are delivering as REALLY VALUABLE TO THEM, that will not have POSITIVE IMPACT our earning.
They’ll not be willing to “PAY MORE” for it, than they are currently paying--whether that client is your boss or customers to your business.

When it comes to VALUE, it’s your client’s point of view that matters. Not yours.

Here’s what all that means is:
  • If what you offer them seems very valuable from your point of view, but they see it as less valuable, they aren’t going to pay you more for it. It’s their point of view that matters. Not yours!
  • If there’s something you can offer them, but seems of less value to you; but they’d consider it very valuable to them, you can immediately start earning more by offering that to them. They’d be willing to pay you more for it. It’s their perception (view) that matters. Not yours.

By just understanding the above CONCEPT OF VALUE, and applying it at your job, you can increase your salary, get bonuses, etc. And your boss would be glad to pay you more, because he/she is GETTING MORE VALUE from you.

By applying the above CONCEPT OF VALUE to your side-business, or full-time business, you can charge more for your services or products, or hourly rates. And your clients/customers will be happy to pay, because they’re getting MORE VALUE working with you.

It’s a SIMPLE CONCEPT. But very few people understand and implement it.

And the few that do “intellectually understand it”, they’ve no idea how to implement it in real-life--at their jobs or businesses.

They get stuck on the implementation part of it.

Now that you’ve understood this CONCEPT OF VALUE, let me show you how to IMPLEMENT it at your job or business, so you don’t get stuck.

How To Discover “YOUR VALUE” Which Your Clients/Customers Would Care To Pay You More For

There are 2 FUNDAMENTAL WAYS to discover what is “VALUABLE” to your clients (this can be your boss/company or customers to your business), so can deliver it and EARN MORE MONEY.

The first one is very simple: ASK THEM.

This is the simplest and direct way. And it’d take less than 10 minutes.

Yet, those less than 10 minutes you take to discover what matters to your boss (what he/she considers IMPORTANT & VALUABLE), then focus on delivering that, can results to not only salary increase, but promotions and recognition.

Now while you could be afraid to go directly to your boss (if you’re employed) and ask them what results really matter to them for your position, consider these 3 things:
  • You’ll gain instant respect if you do that: maybe your boss doesn’t even know you now. But if you go ask your boss what results they’re looking for from your input, they’ll not only recognize you, but you’ll gain instant respect from them, because almost no one does that. And it shows you’re a brilliant team member—even if you’re not the smartest in the team.
  • You know what really matters to your boss WITHOUT GUESSING: there a lot of things that you do in your position, but there only a few things that REALLY MATTER to your boss (client). If you directly ask them what that is, then you’d know what it is without guessing, and you can focus on delivering that, and become indispensable to them.
  • It’d take less time to know it, so you can implement it immediately and start earning more sooner than later: the moment you start to deliver REAL and MORE VALUE to your boss (clients) you can ask for more compensation in return and start earning more (Note: if you’re delivering what you’ve been delivering, you can’t ask for more and get it. Plus you are replaceable since you aren’t offering unique value)

This is the simplest and easiest approach to discover what your VALUE is, and start earning more sooner.

But if you’re really afraid to use this approach, there’s a second approach:
  •  Listen to them when in meetings as they talk about your department, your role, or discuss the results they’re looking forward to, from your input. As you listen to them, you’ll get to know what matters most to them. What they value most.

This approach may take a little longer, and could be less accurate, but can still get you there. I challenge you to take the first approach.

How about if you’re running a side business, or are a contractor, or are in full-time business as an engineer?

That’s simple: Ask your clients.

That’s easy.
But here’s the thing: engineers ARE THE WORST at asking their customers/clients what VALUE they’re looking for in engaging with them.

We are logical and practical people, so we assume we know.

And what happens is: we keep offering every other client what we’ve been offering, and wonder why we cannot charge more for our service/products—and earn more!

But what if you sat down your clients, and ask them the results they’re looking for, by engaging with you? And then listen—instead of assuming you know!

As an engineer—or whatever field you are in--you’d be surprised to realize that some things you thought are important (in your services/products) aren’t that important to the clients.

You’d also discover things you didn’t consider important—or even never even thought about--which the client would truly value if you added them to your services/product.

Then you could add them to your services/products, and charge more. And your clients would be happy to pay, since your services/products (according to their point of view) would be MORE VALUABLE to THEM.

It’s easier than you thought.

And since most engineers never do this (generally, engineers are the worst at dealing with customers), by doing this, you could differentiate yourself from any other engineers offering the same services/products.
You could build a long-term relationship with your clients/customers and grow your business and make more money.

But now, let’s get even more specific.

Let me show you ONE WAY you can add more VALUE to yourself, so you can deliver MORE VALUE to your clients/customers—whether you’re employed or running a business—and start earning more money—in just a few months.
By the way, if you’re a professional engineer—or student—in Civil, Architectural, Building & Construction, and Electrical field, this last step applies directly to you. And you can implement it right away, and start earning more sooner.

Step 3: Develop Rare Skill That Enable You to Offer the Value the Client Wants (If you’re an engineer in the above fields, I’ll show you what that Skill is)

Well, since I write for professional engineers—and students-- in Civil, architectural, Building & Construction and electrical engineering field, let me show you a practical and straightforward way to start earning more.

It’s simple: determine the one rare skill required in your field, develop that skill, and leverage it to become indispensable to your boss (if you’re employed), or offer more valuable service to your clients/customers if you’re running side-business or full-time business.

“And what would that skill be for me as an engineer?” You’d ask.

My response? Here it is…

There’s one particular skill that’s become indispensable for professional engineers--and students--in Civil, Architectural, Building & Construction, and electrical engineering.

This rare skill can double, triple, or even quadruple your earning--if you master it.
And whether you’re employed, running side-business, are a contractor, or running your full time business, you can apply this skill—once you develop it—to make more money.

It takes a few months to develop. And it’s a PRACTICAL /TECHNICAL SKILL—not theoretical.
It has very high return on investment (ROI).  Investing on this skill alone can dramatically change—by increasing—the value you offer to your boss or clients, or both, and get you to start earning more right away.

And you’ll reap the benefits of this skill for the rest of your career life!

So, what’s that skill? It’s Architectural Design Skills.

Architectural Design skills—specifically the use of ArchiCAD software in engineering design—has not only become increasingly indispensable, but ArchiCAD has become the World’s NUMBER ONE design software in the engineering field.

Imagine you—as electrical engineer who has mastered Architectural Design by learning the ArchiCAD program—being able to take not just the electrical installation job from a client, but also the Architectural Design of the building for the same client.

How much money would make for the Design Project ONLY, before you ever get to the electrical installation job?  A lot!

You’d be able to take 2 projects from the same client. And just that alone can double or triple your income from every single client you get, as opposed to taking the electrical installation job only!

What that means is, by learning and developing the NEW SKILL—in Architectural Design—you’ll:
  • Have added more value to yourself, and would be positioned to offer more value to the same customers you’re already serving by taking their Architect design-work, so they won’t have to go looking for someone else. Which is a big relief to the customers.
  • MAKE MORE MONEY from the same customers, while you MAKE THEIR WORK EASIER, since they can get both the Architect Design and Electrical Installation from one professional. (It’s normally a big and strenuous task when a client has to look for different professionals to handle one project. If they can get one professional handling most of the work, it’d be a Christmas to them and to you too. You both benefit)
  • Make 2X to 3X more money, without necessarily increasing the number of clients you have. When you’ve different projects for different clients at different locations; that can be very strenuous and sometimes less cost effective. Imagine how it’d feeling, knowing that one client can be worth more than 2 separate clients. And that you can make much more money from that one client—since you’re handling 2 separate stages of their project-- than you’d dealing with 2 separate clients. That’d be more profitable, and less strenuous. Christmas time for you!
  • You’ll have long-time engagement with clients since you’re taking more than one project with the clients—architect design and electrical installation. The longer the engagement the more money you make—with proper planning.
  • Build long-term good relationship with clients--as a result of the long-term engagement—resulting to more client-referrals from the satisfied clients.  And that would be giving you never-ending jobs/contracts.

And it doesn’t matter even if you’ve a full-time job. You could take side-client Architect Design projects and do them after work. And you would be earning MORE MONEY on the side.

Imagine you—as  Architectural engineer—enjoying all the above 5 BENEFITS just by learning and developing this ONE RARE skill in ArchiCAD Design.

How much more would you make by the end of this year, than you made last year?

You’d have a never-ending contracts and fully-booked the entire year.

And if you’ve a full-time job, you could take side-clients—for Architect Design projects and have a side-business that’s generating income outside your day job.

Imagine you—as a Civil/Building & Construction Engineer—enjoying all the above 5 BENEFITS. Doubling…Tripling or even quadrupling your income, with just the same amount of customers!

You could make much more money in the next 6 months, than you’ve made the entire last year. You could make more in 3 months, than you’d be making in 9 months—because you’d be offering more value.

And it doesn’t matter even if you’re employed in a full-time job. You could take side-client’s Architectural Design projects, and earn more money on the side.
This is the straight path to earning more this year. And not just this year, but for the rest of your career life.

Developing rare and indispensable (in-demand) skill like ArchiCAD Design can not only INCREASE YOUR INCOME, but can even dramatically change your career for good.

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How To Turn Your Career Dreams Into A Reality Year 2018

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Going for your career dreams 2018!

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Alright, NEW YEAR is 2 months old. How are you doing?

If you had New Year’s Resolutions, how are you getting along with achieving them?

Are you still on track with them? Are you heading in the right direction toward achieving them?

See, at the start of this year,I sent a “Welcome To The New Year” email, to my readers.

And we talked about what their # 1 career goal was, for the year.

Here's the blog post version of the email...


Today is the the 22nd day of the New Year!

How’s the going?

2017 is gone and here comes 2018...and I know we all have career goals and dreams we want to accomplish and achieve this year,

Some of us want to land a good job. Some of us already have a good job but want to land our Dream-jobs.

Some of us want to get that promotion. Some of us want to get that salary raise.
And yes, some of us want to develop experience in specific areas of our career and acquire new skills we feel are key to making our next career move.

Some of us want to be so good at what we do, that we cannot be ignored anymore by our bosses, colleagues, and hiring managers.

Some of us plan to go for that professional certificate that will elevate our chances of landing our Dream-jobs, or even go for that Master’s Degree, so we can position ourselves for that top management or executive positions.

And those are great plans you should definitely execute and make them happen.

On the other hand, some of you could be feeling a little bit discouraged, because you didn't get what you wanted last year. You didn't land the job of your dreams or even a job.

Now, don't let that keep you where you are.

Because the thing is: your career is not a ‘HIT or MISS’ game!

Meaning, if you missed a great opportunity for one reason or the other, that's not the end!

You’ve another chance and will have another opportunity, which you can prepare for in advance, so whatever made you lose the previous opportunity doesn't take the next one away from you.

You career is long-term, and so if you miss one opportunity, you still have another chance. And having that mindset is critically important to growing your career.

And as long as you’re systematic, methodical and deliberate in your approach, you can land good to great jobs. You can land your Dream-job. You can get that promotion.

You can get that salary raise, switch industries--or whatever your goal is for this year.

Now, here's my # 1 goal this year, and what I want to accomplish by 31 De, 2018,
...I Want To Help You Land Great Jobs--Even your Dream Job.

I hit the ground running at the start to of the year, and I’ve already helped one of my readers land a job in the second week of January--I worked with her 1-on-1(virtually) and we rebuild her CV.

And last Saturday, she was going for another job interview (second interview in just 3 weeks!)

I’ve always said this: if you learn how to COMMUNICATE your VALUE to hiring managers, (which I show you when we work on your CV) you can generate multiple job interviews and have many job offers coming to you, so you have the option to pick the job offer you want, and let go the others.

After working together with the above candidate and helping her COMMUNICATE her VALUE in her CV, she got 2 jobs and a third interview in 2 months.

She decided she didn't want the first job, and went for the second job. And you can do the same--if you show hiring managers why they should be looking for you.

This is not a dream. It’s doable. I’ve helped people like you do that. And I can show you how.

So, I’ve a very simple but specific goal this year, which is to: TO HELP YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT IN YOUR CAREER.

And I asked my readers--in that that email--to shared their #1 career goal this year. And what they shared was amazing.

And behind-the-scenes, I’ve been sharing with them unconventional career approaches, specific tactics and techniques, plus the 3 principles you can use to improve and grow your career faster, and without overwhelm.

(Hint: I share a lot with readers in my email list, things I don't share on this blog)

But now, let’s talk about you.

What's your # 1 career goal this year? What do you want to accomplish by 31 Dec, 2018?

Did you achieve what you wanted in your career last year?...a better job,...promotion, or that salary raise?

What's your 2018 CAREER GAME-PLAN to make happen what didn't happen last year?

Do you have a more systematic, methodical approach to achieve what you want for your career this year?

See, most people start their New Year with NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS!

They list down all the things (goals) they want to accomplish that year.

And that's great...and totally fine.

But here's the truth that no one tells you...


Interestingly, NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION FAIL by  over 75 %.

Meaning less than 25% of people who rely on and make NYRs, succeed in achieving them.

The other 75% FAIL!

That means, about 75 out of 100 people who made New Year’s Resolutions last year did not achieve them.

It means, about 75 out of 100 people who made New Year’s Resolutions this year are not likely to achieve them.

It means, about 75 out of 100 people who will make New Year’s Resolutions next year and years to come are not likely to achieve them.

This is the truth that no one tells you!

And the shocking NYRs failure rate is not only proven by research, but you can prove it by talking to 100 of your friends who made New Year Resolutions last year.

Just go out and talk with them. See how many of them achieved their Resolutions.
You’ll be shocked that out of 100, there could be less than 10 who achieved their New Year Resolutions by 31 Dec, 2017.

But don't take my word for it. Click HERE to see proven scientific research that NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS FAIL, and are UNRELIABLE to achieving goals.

You can also check another proof HERE TOO...๐Ÿ‘ˆ click that link to see another proof.

Now, this failure has nothing to do with the person making the resolutions.
People make New Year's Resolutions with good intentions.

They’re determined and want to achieve them. And they believe 100% that they will!

So, the problem is not the person. It’s just that New Year's Resolutions DON’T WORK!

Yet we do these RESOLUTIONS every single year.

It’s the “Herd Mentality Approach”.

We do it because everyone else seems to be doing it. We do it because it’s popular.

We do it so we are not the odd ones out. So we can comfortably engage in NYRs conversations on January.

Unfortunately, the “Herd Mentality Approach” has been responsible for most of our FAILURES in achieving the things we want to achieve in life--and career!

Think of the many things people have told you you need to do, to achieve something you wanted, not because they’ve done it and PROVEN IT themselves, but because that's what everyone else says.

This so not only in other areas of our lives, but in our careers too!

The “popular” advice is not always the “right” advice. And you and I don't have to follow it

We can have that long list of New Year Resolutions. But in if we don't have a systematic and methodical approach to turn it into a reality, nothing happens.

Even more intresting in areas like careers--finding a new job--NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS have a failure rate of over 95%!

Meaning about 5 people out of 100, whose New Year's Resolutions is to find a NEW JOB will succeed. The other 95 will fail.

Forget about New Year Resolutions. There's a better way to turn your career dreams/goals into a reality this year.

It’s simple, systematic, methodical and implementable.

How To Turn Your Career Dreams Into A Reality This Year
Rather than focus on a career strategy that is bound to fail by 95 %, like NYRs you can focus on ONE SPECIFIC AREA on your career.

Then work on that first.

Now, here’s the framework to choosing that one area: pick the ONE area that has most impact in your career for now.

Depending on the stage you are in your career, that area would be different for different people.

Also, depending on what the goal/dream is, that one area would be different.

So, this is not a “ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL” kind of approach.

This is getting specific, looking at where you are now, and based on your desired next career move, deciding what's the ONE area you could improve that’d make that move totally attainable, or even a walk in the park.

This approach not only eliminates overwhelm and frustration, but it’ll keep you from wasting your time on things that aren't helping you make the career change you want.

You’ll not have 101 things to do.

Instead, you’ll have ONE THING to focus your attention on, that will make you achieve your career dream/goal. Or at least, move closer to achieving it

You'll focus. You’ll safe time. It’d be easy to know what to do every day you wake to improve on that ONE THING, and make your career dream a reality.

It’s easy to cruise throughout the year, doing a lot of activities, like submitting CVs, doing volunteer work, adding more education, getting professional CV-Writer to “FIX” your CV all geared to helping you make the career change you want.

But at the end of the year, you look back and realize, none of those things helped you achieve anything. You aren't where you wanted to be.

Truth is, if what we’ve been doing hasn't helped us achieve what we wanted, doing more of it wouldn’t make that happen either.

But changing our approach to more practical targeted approach would.

Sometimes, what you need is a change of strategy or approach. And you definitely don't need to do 101 things.

Even more important, what has brought you this far in your career will not get you to the next level.
Depending on where you are in your career, you’d need to use different strategies and tactics to make the next move.

Just because a career advice is “popular” and conventional doesn't mean it works.

By being systematic and methodical--by focusing on just ONE THING at a time--you’ll achieve your career dreams faster and with less overwhelm.
You’ll grow your career faster than most people do.

So, what's your 2018 CAREER GAME-PLAN? What exactly are you going to do to make 2018 the year you achieve your career dreams/goals?

While NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS work for very few people, they fail with most people.

So, forget about them.

Here's a pointer in the right direction. The exact 3 ACTION STEPS you need to take now,  to make your career dreams a reality this year, using the systematic, methodical and deliberate approach:

Get a piece of paper, (or open a word document page), and go sit in a quiet place.
Then ask yourself these 2 questions:
  • What do I want to achieve in my career this year?
  • What's the # 1 most important goal do I want to achieve, that when I achieve it, it’ll dramatically change my career?
Then write that #1 goal down

Note: DO NOT write 2 goals. No!

I want you to write ONLY ONE (which means you have to choose the most important goal to you!)

It could be, getting a new job, getting a promotion, being able to land multiple job interviews at will, getting salary raise--the goal will vary depending on you.

So, write it down on that piece of paper or page.

Notice, what this action step 1 does is help you get SPECIFIC about what you want to achieve. You need to be crystal clear about your most important career goal.

Without clarity it’s hard to achieve anything.

Ask yourself this one tactical question
  • What is the ONE THING which when I do, would make achieving that #1 goal possible?
Take your time, look into your goal and think about the ONE THING (not 2--just one), which when you do, will make attaining that one goal possible.
Then write it down

Notice, action step 1 gives you crystal clarity on where to focus your most attention on. The ONE THING that when you do, make attaining that goal possible.

This is important, because it means, when you wake up every single day, you know where to focus your attention on, and what to do.

Start doing what you’ve written down on action step 2.

If you implement this 3 steps you’ll achieve your careers dreams faster and sooner this year, than most people will with there New Year's Resolution list.

Important to note: when you reduce your option to just one thing (your # 1 goal), you achieve it faster than having a number of career goals.

In fact, it’s scientifically proven that when we have too many options or a list of 101 things to do, we do NOTHING. And at best, we make MEDIOCRE PROGRESS.

Would rather have a list of goals you want to achieve this year and achieve none of them, or pick just ONE CAREER GOAL that matters most to you, and knock it out of the park?

Here's what's even most interesting. When you accomplish that # 1 goal, you can pick another one, use the same 3 actions steps and accomplish it too.

This is the most effective, yet most counterintuitive approach to making faster career progress than most people do, without overwhelm.

Execute the above 3 ACTION STEPS and make more progress this year with your career, than most people will following their NYRs.

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Thanks for reading.

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